marc reibman

Graduated from the Boston University School of Law Marc Reibman is the head attorney of the firm. He started his professional career in 1981 and to with the most renowned law firm of New York city Castellano and Shea. The first few years of his career Mark Reibman handled medical malpractice, product liability, and admiralty cases which give hime a strong hold of personal injury practices.

The thing that makes Mr Mark Reibman one of the best personal injury attorney in the city is that he focuses on obtaining the maximum settlement or jury verdict for his clients. Whether it is for fatal accidents, construction site accidents, or medical malpractice he makes sure that every client gets what they deserve.

steven weiner

There is no one better to handle medical malpractice cases then a physician himself because they know about all the tricks that can be pulled on a client. This is why Steven Weiner is the most renowned attorney for such practices. He started his law career in 1990 with a massive legal firm Stroock and Stroock and Lavan.

What makes him the best attorney is that he graduated from a medical school and was a licensed physician for a number of years giving him the upper hand in medical malpractice. Steven joined the firm in 1993 and ever since has worked together with Marc Riebman to give justice to personal injury victims.